Enhanced D&D 4E: Combat in Motion


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Enhanced D&D 4E: Combat in Motion

"The fresh and drastically different perspective offered in this book is a much better addition to the game than a lot of the official WotC stuff"
-- The Chamber of Mazarbul

The Next Edition of D&D is 4th Edition, Enhanced

Enhanced 4E: Combat in Motion is a bold, new reinterpretation of the D&D 4E roleplaying game. Enhanced 4E: Combat in Motion is an expanded rules module that takes the basic game to a whole new level. Leaping ahead of the next, 5th Edition of the game, Combat in Motion introduces to D&D 4E revolutionary concepts never-before-seen in table-top combat.

Beautifully illustrated and extensively beta-tested, Combat in Motion is certain to become an essential part of your D&D 4E experience. Once you own it, you’ll be sure to keep it at your gaming table alongside the D&D 4E Players Handbook and the D&D 4E Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Features Include:

  • 10 New Combat Actions: All players and monsters joined in Enhanced 4E combat gain access to an expanded menu of general combat actions. With these, you can often take your move or standard actions even before your turn arrives.
  • 4 New Terrain Effects: Creatures and targets in Enhanced 4E don’t just have cover and concealment. They exploit the environment for every advantage.
  • 2 New Movement Types: Expanded rules for flight and vehicular combat create thrilling high-speed chases and terrifying aerial duels.
  • 1 New Motion State: Combat in Motion is all about movement. And now, for the first time in any table-top RPG, creatures and monsters can move uninterrupted, through multiple actions over multiple turns, chasing and racing one another across the battle-grid in smooth, seamless motion.

Combat in the world of Enhanced 4E has nary a dull moment. You never stop taking actions. No matter what's going on or who's under attack, it's always your turn.